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Thursday, 19-Dec-2013 09:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
XCMG excavator win customers highly valued

XCMG With cutting-edge technology research and development of a new type of high-tech crawler hydraulic excavators, excavator model section XE265C, won the praise of customers of mine.

XE265C excavator with high efficiency, strong ability to adapt to the environment, energy saving and environmental protection features. Using solid chassis, can work in a variety of harsh environments, such as earthworks, mines and tunnels. XCMG autonomous control system is developed strict work efficiency compared with the previous generation increased by 35% to 15% savings in fuel consumption, truly energy efficient.

XE265C design highlight is the biggest excavator cab sedan. This innovative design makes humane cab appearance more beautiful, safer operation, so that the driver is also luxurious and more comfortable seats, in addition to the 7-inch large LCD monitor, making tired drivers completely eliminate jobs.

XE265C excavator grade quality, good performance, quality of service, has been highly praised around the user.[list=][/list][list=][youtube][/youtube][url][quote][/quote][quote]

Thursday, 19-Dec-2013 09:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
China's first natural gas excavator to work

Recently, Xiamen, Xiamen Engineering Machinery Group to produce a gas excavator XG822LNG, which is China's first natural gas to make energy a new excavator. Currently Which excavator has been officially put to work in Shandong Allied petroleum coke market companies.

XG822LNG excavator with natural gas instead of diesel fuel before, making excavator more economical and environmentally friendly. Fuel consumption and pollutant emissions for natural gas excavators have also done a related test, the test results show that this section of natural gas fuel consumption diesel excavator excavator, compared with the previous 30% savings, pollutant emissions than ever 90% less, almost zero emissions of pollutants.

New energy products can adapt to the current operation excavator market demand, energy saving, environmental protection, green engineering machinery products will be the best choice for users. Development and application of new building workers clean energy to lead a greener future construction machinery industry, indicates that the domestic construction machinery products in the low-carbon energy environmental science and philosophy has taken an important step.

    Wednesday, 11-Dec-2013 06:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
    China elevator industry experienced three stages of development

    China is the earliest use of the elevator in Shanghai in 1907, provided and installed by the U.S. Otis Elevator Company. Now 100 years in the past, China's elevator technology level has synchronized with the world, China has become the world's largest elevator producer, China elevator industry has gone through three stages of development.

    A: Start the absence of its own technology, all the elevators were all imported. Early stage of development, thanks to the sale, installation and is responsible for repair and maintenance of imported elevator to sustain the development of the elevator industry, this situation lasted for decades.

    Two: After the founding of New China has independently developed the elevator began in 1952 by the Chinese themselves first elevator installed in the design and manufacture of Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Thus the development of elevator industry entered the second phase, began to flourish.

    Three: In the early 1980s, the formation of the tripartite joint venture China Schindler Elevator Co.
    elevator industry set off a wave of foreign investment, promote the industry entered a rapid development stage. At the same time the introduction of foreign advanced technology to take to stimulate the local enterprises regardless of technology or brand development, and now China's elevator technology gradually improved, elevator products in addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, exports have continued to grow provided.

    Wednesday, 24-Apr-2013 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
    How the electric hoist to open foreign markets?

    Any industry, as long as it is related to sales, then it will certainly be faced with how to open up the market as much as possible, to seize more market share, especially in the field market share, foreign markets simply classified as: foreign and non-local domestic market. Hoist as lifting uninstall a sub-industry industry products, one, of course, also a number of sales in the industry is also facing the problem.
    Electric hoist application range is wide, the same production and operation of this also a lot of businesses, electric hoist is not the same with any other product, its sales unlike other products, its every transaction volumes are small , where it is needed, but the total number is not a lot, each manufacturer's production capacity, however, are huge, they can produce more products, but sales has not kept pace, this is undoubtedly limits the development of enterprises, more open to a wide range of markets must be the way to go!
    How to open foreign markets? Whether foreign or domestic, should be done in line with market demand, each local market is certainly different, there must be differences of East and West, not to mention domestic and foreign, which requires us to prepare a clear grasp of each local market demand they are interested in what styles and types of products, demand, so that we make the appropriate deployment, closely follow the changes in the market! The relationship between supply and demand as much as possible to achieve a balance!

    Tuesday, 23-Apr-2013 08:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
    The crane brake inspection and adjustment

    In accordance with the requirements of the crane safety regulations, the brake should be checked regularly. Brake installation and use of the process, it is necessary to pay special attention to the following adjustments:
    (1) The adjustment of the braking torque: braking torque must be adjusted as required according to regulations, it is the brake during the installation and commissioning and operation (check for change) basic work. Press brake standard requirements, the braking torque value and should be clearly marked ruler, adjust the torque value can be in accordance with the torque values ruler or engraved lines.
    (2) Driver working stroke adjustment device: the working stroke of the brake drive unit should be adjusted in the working environment temperature, the value of the rated working stroke indicated in the operator's manual or marked on the drive unit. In the course based on the frequency of use to regularly observe the changes of the working stroke, especially for the installation of brake pad wear compensation mechanism must not make the working stroke of the drive unit is equal to the maximum stroke (rated travel) otherwise it will be lose braking force serious consequences. Downtime should check the drive unit compensation trip (Drive Rated the trip minus its working stroke), compensation for travel is too small should be instantly adjusted to avoid due to the use of brake cooling deformation caused by thermal expansion of the liner to compensate for reduced stroke, the consequent loss of braking force.
    (3) Adjustment of the compensation mechanism: brake installation of brake pad wear compensation mechanism (referred to as the compensation mechanism), can be removed from the brake drive unit in the course of the working stroke frequent adjustments, but the compensation mechanism should be adjusted and reliable fixed, or when working stroke of the brake pad wear without timely adjust the drive device, will lose braking force. The adjustment of the compensation mechanism should be the product manual adjustment should regularly observe the changes in the course.
    (4) Withdrawal from the adjustment: brake drive device working stroke is adjusted, the brake pads total retreat from the corresponding determine brake pads on each side of the clearance is basically the same, avoid side of retreat away from the big, side "can not open" and always friction, resulting in the sharp rise in temperature of unilateral friction, reduce braking performance, also causing the increased brake pads wear, and therefore you should the product manual adjustment retire from the.

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